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Variable Resistive Load Operation Manual

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1.Main Feature:

1).Using high quality constantan wire and tradition process,with high reliability;
2).In a continuous working condition, the temperature drift smaller, good heat dissipation;
3).Resistance/current continuously adjustable, high precision;
4).The internal structure of layout is reasonable, easy to operate & practical;
5).Through the series-parallel method, it can be any combination to meet the voltage,
resistanceand other parameters requirements, easy to replace.
2.Operation Method:

1).The variable resistive load can be single used for the circuit or parallel circuit.
Also multiple combined using is available.
As the figure show, resistance wire wraps round the porcelain tube. And both side  call
A&B.The resistance between A&B call total resistance.
The slide head can slide along the metal pillar and connect well with the resistance wire.
Slide it can modify the resistance between A&C(B&C)
The rated current and total resistance are indicated on the nameplate
There are two way for using:
①Current limiting method: Connect one fixed side (A or B) and the slide side (C) to the circuit.
The electric current can be modified because of sliding.
②Partial Pressure method: Connect both fixed side (A&B) to the power bipolar and the slide side(C) to the circuit.

Any two point between A&B will appear electric potential difference because the circuit pass by
all the resistance wire. When the slider is moving, it'll modify the input voltage.
In current limiting method. Slider should move it to the maximum resistance site.
In partial Pressure method. Slider should move it to the minimum partial pressure site.